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Income tax time is here again! Please find enclosed an organizer to assist you in gathering information for your current tax return:

Please review and answer any questions that apply.  Bring the completed organizer and all supporting documents, including all W-2 and 1099 statements, to your tax-preparation appointment. 

I will not be going to Ontario this year.  I found an office in Riverside that is more convenient. The address is 2900 Adams Street Suite C-130, Riverside, California 92504. I will be in Riverside on Sundays starting February 7, 2016. 

Effective January 1, 2014, unless otherwise exempt, all U.S.Citizens, their dependents, and other legal residents are required to have minimum essential health insurance coverage or pay a penalty.  In order for me to complete your 2015 tax return, it is necessary for you to bring 1095A form. If you do not have health insurance, open enrollment ends February 15,2016.  Please follow the links below to assist you in getting insurance.

Link:    if under age 65 

Link:    if over age 65 

I appreciate your trust in our business.  Please feel free to contact me at (760)346-8223 if you have any questions.





Efectivo Enero 01, 2014, es requerido para  todo ciudadano, sus dependientes y cualquier otro residente legal en los Estados Unidos mantener una póliza de seguro médico esencial, a menos que haya sido exento de tal responsabilidad, de lo contrario se le aplicara una multa. Todos  necesitaran presentar copia de su tarjeta médica.  Si usted no tiene seguro medico el periodo de inscripción comezará en Noviembre  2015.  A continuación le ofrezco la página de Internet para su información.  Llámeme  y con gusto le ayudare a obtener su seguro médico.  

Link:   si es menor de 65 

Link:    si es mayor de 65 

Agradezco su confianza y patrocinasión, Si tiene preguntas no dude en llamarme al (760)346-8223 o email


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